Choosing a domain name is not an easy job. You cannot change it once it is selected and unless it is a meaningful one; your website may lose its brand relevance to a large extent. Therefore it is important that you do some research on choosing your domain name that best suits your website. If you are confused where from to start, consult the checklist narrated here.

Name the brand

Your first option is to check the URLs available for your selection. Do not forget to check top selling domain names of all time. If you are not happy with the available names or can’t buy the top selling ones, you may start your research and check how you may find some new but relevant name that relates or express your business better. You have to be original, innovative, and expressive, and it will help you to find and create an exclusive brand for you. Now your next task is to create your domain name with your brand.

Do not keep your research based on keywords in URL

Keywords are one of the prime keys for boosting the domain name’s ranking no doubt, but that is not all that matters. You must keep it small and simple and you should stay away from all types off domain abuse. This is one of the reasons you should check existing back-links in Google preferably by using a software tool like Wayback Machine, etc. It will ensure you that if the domain name you have selected is clear.

Do not use numbers in URL

According to a global survey it has been observed that URL s with a number or hard to pronounce words, or cutesy names are really not effective for creating a unique brand. Rather the best practice is finding a name with a definite meaning that can be related to your business.

Take special care of the extension

Extension of the domain name matters a lot. is one of the best options, but there are other options to, .net, etc. Explore all possibilities to get the best possible name of your domain.

These are all about finding the best domain name for your website. Besides being techy, you have to choosy, research savvy, and creative in finding the right domain name. As you need to make your website responsive and catchy, the right domain name will contribute positively in turning your website a great success and it is a great strategy for your business and brand’s triumph.

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